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Co-owner and Head Coach

Alicia earned her B.S. in Kinesiology with a concentration in exercise science from Sam Houston State University.

She has 8 years of experience in the fitness industry from personal training to working for a sports performance facility then to competing and coaching clients to help them reach their personal physique goals.

She is a 2x nationally qualified bikini competitor in the NPC as well as a 2020 top 10 finish at her first national show. She is on her own journey to earning her IFBB pro card.

Alicia understands all ends of the spectrum; being underweight, to being overweight due to pregnancy, to dieting while breastfeeding, and dieting to be competitively stage lean.

Alicia’s goal for every client that she works with is to ensure a healthy mindset throughout the entire time of the client’s diet.


Co-owner and Head Coach

Casie Ragsdale

Casie holds her NAMS nutrition coaching certification. Casie is also in the process of receiving her BS in nutrition science from SHSU. She then plans to apply for the dietetic program at SHSU to become a registered dietitian.

Casie has always had to be active in her life due to being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at a young age. It was fascinating to her that she could control a debilitating disease with proper diet and exercise. Upon discovering the bikini division within body building in 2016 she decided to start coaching others on their nutrition to improve their own lives.

Casie is a 2 x nationally qualified NPC Competitor in the bikini division and has placed top 10 at nationals. She recently crossed into the new wellness division were she not only received her national qualification, but her first novice and open overall titles.

Through her love of the sport she found a passion to help others from all walks of life to improve their health and achieve their desired physique. Her struggles also include dealing with her own binge eating disorder that has helped her successfully navigate clients through a diet while putting their mental and physical health first.

Kaitlyn Tyner

Assistant Coach

Kaitlyn is working towards herNAMS nutrition coachingcertification. She fell in love withnutrition through her own journey to improve her relationshipwith food. After eating too littlecalories, and bouncing back in forth between “dieting”and “bulking,” she reached out to Alicia tohelp guide her towards repairing not only her metabolism,but the way she viewed food. As shelearned the intricacies of proper nutrition, she wantedto share her knowledge with others.

Additionally, Kaitlyn has always loved food and cooking,which could seem to be a challengewhile maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She has learnedhow to cook nutritious, delicious, simplemeals, and has recently started a blog to share hertips and tricks.

Kaitlyn also has her Crossfit Level 1 Certification,and has been active in the gym since college.She started her journey with running, and after running7 half marathons, she realized sheactually hated running. She then found group exerciseclasses, which led to Camp Gladiator,which led to Crossfit, at points semi-competitively.Overtime she has matured in the sport,realizing the importance of recovery and listeningto her body, which led her into focusing on justlifting weights. In the past two years, she has realizedhow much she loves simply lifting heavyweights, working towards progressing her strengthand physique.

Kaitlyn’s goal is to use her journey to exemplifythe importance of achieving diet and physiquegoals while maintaining both physical and mental health.Theknowledge she has gained throughher experience has empowered her to truly love herbody’s capabilities, and she hopes she canbring that same feeling to others.

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